About The Remnants


Where it all began

The Remnants were formed in 2013 by two of the current members Peter (drums) and Matt (guitars & vox) who were left musically twiddling their thumbs after their previous band had folded.

They were joined not long after by Clive (vox, harmonica), who had also been in the previous band with them.

Over the following months a search for another Lead Guitarist and Bass Player ensued, after which Duncan and Stephen respectively joined, and so The Remnants were complete.

As a result The Remnants is now a five piece band who like to have a go at anything music-wise that takes their fancy.

Song list

Remnants style

We aim to steer away from the traditional overplayed ‘rock and pop cover band’ staples and give our gigs a more up to date feel, playing the occasional unusual or challenging track.

However, we can turn our hand to the old favourites too if we need to. So if whoever hires us want a particular song or genre to dominate the show we can mostly deliver (although we would have to draw the line at anything orchestral or techo-synthesiser)

No gig is too small or too big. We just love to play. We have happily performed in pub bars, village halls and on stage at open-air events. So whatever your event why not call for The Remnants, providing we are all in the country, and plan to be upright on that day, we’d be happy to oblige

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